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Born in 1994 and raised in the countryside near Turin, he early started follow his father during the hunting days on the Italian Alps. In his family the chamois hunting was a tradition. He grew up playing with his brother Davide and the line of English Setter that his father has bred: they were the actors in his first clip.

In an interview he says: " When I was young I used to look at my dad's photos: memories sometimes disappear, pics no, they stay. When I will be old I'd love that my movies do the same"

He remembers that his first film was made with a camera that cost less than 100 euro.

When he was nineteen, when the high school finished, he decided, after one year at the university of economics to stop his studies, accepting some job offers. With the first earnings he bought a new equipment ,more professional. Today for his works he uses SonyFS7, DJI Phantom 3, Sony ar7 iii, Leica Apo Televid 82, I Phone 8 plus but not forgetting that what is really important is the passion!

His camera brings him collaborating with foreign companies like Eagle Review and with classic italian brands like Franchi and Fiocchi.

In addition to being a Franchi's testimonial, in the last year he became part of Montefeltro's team, for the upland hunting.

He was able to transform a passion in a job but he knows that is not too easy matching this two, like a lot of people think. For this reason, even if his work is bringing him a lot of opportunitIes around the world, he's always happy to come back home for stay with his mountains.

Andrea Cavaglià was raised hunting in the Italian Alps. His family has bred a long line of English Setters. His passion for the outdoors is magnified in his evolving work as a filmmaker and photographer. Andrea’s past client work includes some of the Italian classics like Franchi and Fiocchi
— Northwood Collective